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Next Gen Social Media

MC2 is amazing! It's the next generation of social media tool. It's actually quite easy to act and I love getting rewarded for it!

Anne Marie P., Canada

A Gamechanger

As I began to use MC2 for the first time I saw the potential impact it could have on the people and the world around us. The current trend in social media is one of self-promotion. MC2 is a gamechanger in the social media world because it inspires it's users to act instead of simply self-promote. By placing an emphasis on action, MC2 has the potential to create real, long lasting change not only in it's users but also on a global scale.

Evram F., Canada

A new and refreshing app experience

This app is an amazing way to share what you do on a daily basis and see how it is relevant to other people anywhere in the world. It is a good tool to break down barriers and highlight that, in the end, we are all people with goals, ambitions and dreams. It allows users to focus on tangible action and to make an impact. A small ripple can quickly turn into a tidal wave!!

Sabrina, Canada

  • Leveling System

    Track your progress with our patent-pending technology and level up as you complete Microactions.

  • Gifts & Rewards

    Reap rewards for your good deeds and gain Crowns as you take action.

  • Living Happiness

    Show kindness to others and love their Microactions.

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